the meaning of MILCH

If you translate MILCH it simply means MILK. But never ever think that we have something to do with cows or with sheeps or goats.
And no, we do neither produce textiles from milk protein.

MILCH is a Vienna based brand, that uses worn and used mens suits to upcycle them into new and beautiful garments.

The designer Cloed BAumgartner baptised her newly born fashion brand in 1998 by the name of MILCH. Just for the fun of it.
Don’t take it too serious.

But if ever you want to have an explanation: Just think of milk as a product going around in cycles: from green gras to the cows stomach , turning into white milk and then ongoing into yoghurt, chees and back to earth …

We literally do the same: we turn second-hand cloth into new, elegant collections. We bring them back to the lifecycle.

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